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“I approached Sharon to carry out a communication and autism assessment of our 7-year-old son who was having some behavioural issues at school and at home. Her response was prompt and she had arranged an in-school assessment within less than 2 weeks. A few days later, she met with my husband and myself to discuss her findings. I have rarely encountered someone so perfectly suited to the job that they do. Her approach was professional and practical, and she offered accessible, easy to implement intervention strategies as well as a view on longer term management. It is clear above all that she cares about the children with whom she is involved. Shortly after meeting us, she arranged a meeting at the school with my son's teacher and headteacher, which lasted 2 hours. She offered numerous teaching and behavioural solutions. When we left the meeting, my husband commented that the room was 'full of kindness and compassion'. This feeling was very much generated by Sharon whose sensitivity, kindness and professionalism has made the start of a potentially nerve wracking journey very much easier. I cannot thank her enough nor recommend her highly enough.”

CEO of Specialist Education Provider

“Your report on MW is excellent and D and I agree that we have never seen any assessment which is more thoroughly done or which gives more concise and effective suggestions for intervention. Thank you so much for this, we are very appreciative.”


Parent: Hanen More than Words Programme

“The Hanen More than Words programme gave us as parents the tools we needed to start to really communicate with our son. The meltdowns and frustrations immediately started to ease and we felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Our son has improved no end with his communication and is improving every day. Most importantly, the program put us as parents back in control of what was a very chaotic home life. We had a structure to follow, and by using very simple strategies we were able to find a way into our son's world. He began to communicate more as he trusted more that we would understand. The joy in his face when we have been able to understand his needs and wants has made every moment of the programme worthwhile.”

14-year-old Sarah – A school refuser whose parents referred her for a specialist assessment.  They suspected autism, however struggled to have her needs recognised and due to her deteriorating mental health were concerned that a 2 year wait for an NHS autism assessment was too long. 

“I promised to let you know how things are for Sarah - the good news is that we are making progress!

We believe you have been the catalyst for change and we will be forever grateful to you. You gave us the confidence, with your assessment, to trust our own observations of Sarah and continue to argue for her differences to be recognised. We only just did it in time, as we so nearly lost her last June. Sarah says you were the first person outside the family who really understood her.

We now have written confirmation from the Specialist Autism Spectrum Assessment Team that confirms your diagnosis that Sarah has an Autism Spectrum Disorder and a Developmental Receptive Language Disorder. (Specialist Education Provider) is coming to meet with metomorrow to discuss how they can help Sarah start to resume her education in the security of her own home.

Sarah is much better than she was. She has been helped enormously by the above diagnoses and is already using this information to explain her behaviour to others. Recently I overheard her sister Molly, who is 8 years old, asking Sarah to play tea parties with her. Sarah didn’t get angry or upset, she simply said “no”, explaining that she wasn’t good at pretend games. It didn’t stop Molly’s disappointment, but it gave me hope that she can learn to manage her differences and learn to accept that she is ok, and loveable, as she is.”


Community Families Worker – Autism Parent Training Workshop

“Thanks so much for yesterday, it was great to support those families and I loved your friendly and practical approach to the training, you have a real gift of putting people at their ease and understanding their situation. I can't thank you enough for your time, understanding, professionalism and compassion. It is not often I come across someone so perfectly suited to the job that they do.”

Autism awareness training – school federation staff

“An amazing course – really helpful and it explained autism in children very well. I found all of the information highly informative.”

“Very clear, and easy to follow workshop.”

“All of the workshop was very helpful and interesting. Learning how to break down a child’s learning activities during a day to help them get the most out of school was a strategy I will use straightaway.”


Autism awareness training – Autism residential care provider staff

“Sharon’s understanding is comprehensive and her ability to apply it to our work is impressive.”

“The trainer is knowledgeable and clearly understandable.”

“I feel much more confident in working with the young adults with autism in my care.”

“I’ve gained so much insight into how it feels to have autism and the impact on everyday life for those people.”

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