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Independent Speech and Language Therapy

A specialist service providing:

  • Bespoke autism and communication assessments

  • Efficacy-based therapy and targeted intervention

  • Expert witness and Medico-legal expertise

  • Training for individuals and organisations

What people say:

I cannot thank Sharon enough or recommend her highly enough."

""We have never seen a more thorough assessment which gives more concise and effective suggestions for intervention."

"Our son's communication has improved no end and is improving every day. More importantly, it has put us as parents back in control of what was a very chaotic home life."

"I've gained so much insight into how it feels to have autism and the impact on everyday life."

"I feel more confident in working with the young people with autism in my care."

"You'll be pleased to hear that Sam's tribunal outcome was positive. They agreed to weekly SLT with a HCPC registered SLT. Thank you so much for your help."






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